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IICM Education Intellectual Property & Accreditation

Irish Institute of Credit Management, as a body with authority to grant diploma and certification status to credit management professionals operates an Intellectual Property and Accreditation policy as follows:

IICM retains full intellectual property rights on diploma & certification awards, specifically in relation to:

 (IP-1) Criteria for eligibility of enrolling students

 (IP-2) Course objectives

 (IP-3) Course syllabus

 (IP-4) Course marking & assessment criteria

 (IP-5) Course exclusions, waivers, variations from syllabus/eligibility

 (IP-6) Course material (See *** below for further information)

 (IP-7) Course delivery combinations of remote, online, assisted, classroom and public sessions.

         (See *** below for further information)


IICM accredits education & training partners to deliver on its diploma & certificate award courses, specifically in relation to:

Authorisation of student enrolment process for compliance with IP-1, IP-5 above, • Authorisation of proposed programme for compliance with Course objectives as per IP-2, IP-6, IP-7 above,

Authorisation of course material for compliance with Course syllabus as per IP-3, IP-5, IP-6, IP-7 above,​Authorisation of proposed skill levels of personnel to deliver Diploma & certificate training

Authorisation of marking and assessment criteria and processes for compliance with IP-4​

IICM reserves the right to monitor accreditation on an ongoing basis, specifically in relation to:

Periodic audit of material, skills, processes for compliance

Regular access to mutually agreed course assessment questionnaires submitted by students

Periodic online polls conducted by IICM via its members portal

Regular review of success/failure rates of students

IICM respects and recognises that a training partner is permitted to provide the following:

  1. Value-add elements to the authorised Courses subject to prior authorisation from IICM for compliance and accreditation,

  2. Specialist material that augments the core Diploma & Certificate Award requirements subject to prior approval for compliance & accreditation.

  3. Specialist process for delivery of training & education subject to prior authorisation for compliance and accreditation.

IICM further recognises that where value-add elements or specialist material or processes are authorised for inclusion in diploma and certification courses, shared intellectual property rights may arise. Thus giving that trainer/educator equal shared rights to the relevant intellectual property.

Where such agreement is not mutually agreed, the material will NOT form part of the IICM accredited material and therefore may not be included in the delivered training/education.

IICM will grant an accreditation to training/education companies subject to

​   (a) Partner signing an intellectual property and accreditation agreement substantially in compliance with the       policies stated above and

​   (b) Standard commercial negotiation regarding fees, timescales and competitive positioning.

Without IICM trainer/educator accreditation status, any student embarking on training or education from that trainer/educator cannot be considered eligible for awarding of IICM diploma or certification status.

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