The Federation of European Credit Management Associations (FECMA) is a not for profit organisation and consists of all European Credit Management Associations who are members.

It was founded in 1986 by Sir Roger Cork, who held the position of Lord Mayor of London in 1996

The aim of FECMA is to promote best practise in Credit Management and enable the members of all FECMA associations
to share their knowledge and experience.


The FECMA Council comprises two committee members from each participating Countries.

FECMA seeks:

​To promote the development of the profession of the credit manager.

​To encourage and promote research, study, knowledge, and the publication of that knowledge, relating to all aspects of credit management
To encourage the highest possible ethical standards in credit management personnel ​​

To encourage the formation of national credit management associations in countries where none exists at present ​​

To promote good relations and understanding between the various national credit management associations


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