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Breaking News

Results from the EGM and the AGM

Dear Members, Corporates, Students and Subscribers  

The IICM held an EGM as well as our Annual AGM on Thursday 26th October 2017

*Important Announcement* 

The membership agreed to adopt in the marority the proposal that the IICM merges with CICM The Chartered Institute of Credit Management.

The IICM will be communicating to you directly to ask for your permission to share your membership file with CICM.  Then once permission is granted we will look after the rest.

A form will be sent out in the next 10 days where will ask you to indicate your choice to give permission to share your membership details.  Taking part in this merger is completely voluntary.

Copies of the minutes of the meetings are attached here.


Shay Waldron
President of IICM.
Links to the minutes of the meeting are below


Shay Waldron                                  President
Paula Carney                                   Vice President
Stephen Byrne                                Treasuer & Director of Education
Kevin McLaughlin                         Data Protection & Privacy Director
Hilda Nicell                                       Members and Communication Director