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IICM Annual General Meeting
Extraordinary General Meeting

Dear Members, Corporates, Students and Subscribers  

The IICM is holding our annual AGM on Thursday 26th October 2017.

Location       Red Cow Moran Hotel, Dublin 22
Time               6pm

*Important Announcement* 

The Board of the Irish Institute of Credit Management is proposing a merger into the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM). As a valued member of the Irish Institute of Credit Management, we will be asking you to vote in support of the proposal which forms Special Resolution 1 on the agenda of the EGM to be held on 26 October 2017. 

The Irish Institute of Credit Management has been supporting credit professionals since 1971, and has attracted high-quality, committed members and professionals from a broad spectrum of sectors. Many IICM members have gone on to hold very senior positions in large organisations. 

We have decided to propose merging with CICM because the back up of a full-time secretariat will provide the resources needed to manage and develop our professional body more effectively than can be achieved by volunteers who also have full time careers. Further, we believe that being part of a larger organisation will provide a wider array of quality services, education and support to members in the Republic of Ireland. CICM is an organisation that shares the same values and aspirations as the IICM, and we see this as an opportunity to enhance the value offered to members in supporting their professional development and growth.

We set out details about how you might be affected below: 

All paid-up members of the IICM will be invited to become members of the CICM at their existing grade. Members of the IICM will be Members of the CICM (MCICM), and Fellows of the IICM will be Fellows of the CICM (FCICM) 

Members will have access to all the resources available on the CICM website www.cicm.com and additional services that are currently being planned. 

IICM qualifications such as the Cert (CCP1) and Diploma (CCP2) will be recognised by CICM. 

The CICM will create a CICM branch in the Republic of Ireland to serve the Irish membership, and the services offered in the Republic of Ireland to date will continue. These will include masterclasses, educational and information events.

ยท           After the formalities have been completed, the IICM operation in Ireland will be wound down. 

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, or wish to discuss further, please contact any of us at any time. We look forward to seeing you at the Red Cow Hotel on Thursday the 26th of October @ 6.00pm 


Council of IICM.

Below please find links to our AGM and EGM notice are attached as well as an FAQ section

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